Cookies & Milk 2023 - The 411

Thank you for booking a Cookies and Milk mini session this year!

Below is some important info you'll need to know about the session...

Important Info for our session:


1220 Harley Cir, Starke FL 32091

The session is in my garage at the above address. The garage makes any chance of rain not a concern.

When you arrive: 

Please park on the road by my driveway. I do ask you to not park in the driveway as I don’t want it to distract kiddos getting their pictures taken. It is very important that you are on time for your scheduled slot. The sessions are 10 minutes in length with a 5 minute transition time. We are booked solid. 

Please arrive on time and only come to the garage when it is your scheduled time. Please make sure the kiddos go to the restroom before you leave home. 

Image Delivery:

All image galleries will be delivered through email with downloading rights in the gallery. I will do my best to get these out ASAP.

Session timeline:

My advice is to arrive with your child ready to go in PJ's. I plan on taking some photos of them by the tree and reading books before jumping in to the cookies so if you'd like to bring their favorite stuffed animal you are welcome to. We will use the cookies to bribe for some smiles at the end of the session. 

Cookies & Milk:

We will provide cookies and milk for the session. Each time slot will have a bag of cookies ready for you to handle. My wife Natalie personally bakes the cookies. If you would like to bring your own you are welcome to do so. You can take the remaining cookies (If there are any) home with you or we can toss them for you. We will provide 2% Milk. If your child is in need of a different kind of milk please bring that with you.

If you can't make it:

Please let us know ASAP if you are unable to make your scheduled time slot. This is a nonrefundable session, however if I can fill your slot last minute I would be glad to refund your session fee. 

Questions before the session? or text 904.290.1144